Real Estate Litigation


We represent individuals and businesses in real estate litigation.

Business owners have unique legal needs. Because we are business owners ourselves, we at Galante & Bivalacqua understand that running a successful enterprise involves taking care of a lot of administrative work behind the scenes.

We also know that taking steps to prevent or reduce the likelihood of problems before they arise can pay off in significant benefits to a company’s bottom line.

We provide our business clients with the legal support, proactive counseling and document preparation, and strategic advice they need so they can stop worrying about legalities and focus on doing what they love.

We also represent individuals and businesses in real estate litigation.

Whether you are a buyer or seller, a homeowner or a developer, we partner with you to find solutions that efficiently resolve the dispute, minimizing costs while working to maximize the return on your investment.

Additionally, our business litigation practice includes a comprehensive government contract dispute section that is both broad-based and local.

We handle disputes between contractor clients and the federal government under the federal Contract Disputes Act, the Miller Act, and Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). On a more local level, we also represent clients involved in contractor disputes and construction fraud issues.

We offer following services in Real Estate Litigation:


Nuisance, Easements and Servitudes, Boundary Disputes

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Protecting the rights of buyers and sellers of residential property

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Experienced in full spectrum of commercial and contractual disputes

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Resolve Contract Disputes in negotiations, mediation, arbitration.

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Drafting and negotiating of Commercial Lease Agreements, Purchase Agreements, and Sales Agreements

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Representing Landowners, Joint Venture Partners and Entrepreneurs in Developing Significant Real Estate Projects

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Helping Our Business Clients Make Smart Decisions

Commercial disputes and lawsuits are an unfortunate side effect of doing business. Whether you have little exposure to the public or you operate a business that caters directly to customers, we at Galante & Bivalacqua can help you handle lawsuits with efficiency and confidence.

We are seasoned litigators with the tactical skills and courtroom experience to assist clients in every stage of a lawsuit.

Although our goal is to keep our clients out of the courtroom, we will not hesitate to aggressively defend or pursue litigation.

Whether you need to defend an action or enforce your rights, we are business lawyers who respect how hard you have worked to get where you are today. We will work just as hard to obtain the most favorable results at a cost you can afford.


If you are a business owner, you already know that the days of doing business with a handshake are over. Businesses are targets for frivolous lawsuits. To protect yourself and your assets from disgruntled customers, untrustworthy suppliers, and bad business associates, you need well-drafted contracts and carefully planned documents.

The best contracts are those that deter business lawsuits. Our documents are prepared with this in mind, and we include a number of elements designed to prevent future claims. When we prepare your business documents, we will  include choice of law, liquidated damages clauses, choice of venue, confessions of judgment, attorney’s fees provisions, security interests, and other beneficial sections. Whatever you require, you can rest easy knowing we put your business’ best interests at the forefront.

Helping our business clients safeguard their assets is a big part of what we do. Although you might be tempted to draft your own contracts, you will not save money by cutting corners. We know that it takes time to do things properly, but we also understand that your time – and your money – is valuable.

Whether you need a partnership agreement, business entity formation, or a purchase agreement, we will identify your specific needs and prepare your documents in the most efficient timeframe possible. If you need to form an LLC, we will get you up and running in days – not weeks.

You have worked hard to build your company – let us help you protect it.


At Galante & Bivalacqua, we  understand  the  sacrifice  and  hard work  required  to run a successful business, as well as the risks and rewards involved in a real estate transaction or dispute.

Whether you are an established business or you’re looking to form a new organization, or if you find yourself involved in a real estate dispute, we are privileged to assist you as you safeguard your assets and pursue new goals. Contact us today at (504) 648-1858 to speak to a business attorney who can help.